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“I have been using Simon and his company for over 15 years now and I could not ask for better service. A great relationship has formed from starting with a small 75L freshwater aquarium and gradually succumbing to the hobby and moving up to a 700L saltwater reef. Thank you for all the support, knowledge and time Simon.”
“Luke maintains my aquarium on a weekly basis and he is always friendly, on time and very professional in his manner. His fish and coral knowledge is amazing and I look forward to his visits and I am sure the fish do too!”
“The team looks after my aquarium and they is always happy to chat with me, whether it is about new ideas or concerns I have with the fish. My mind is always put at ease and I feel as though they take care of my aquarium as if it were there own, you could not ask for more.”
“It is great to find a business that is large enough to handle problems should they spring up, but also small enough that you have the personal touch and feel that they truly care about the fish. Couldn’t be happier.”
“We moved to Glassbox Trading from another company about a year ago and wished we had done it years ago! Always professional and everyone we have spoken to is polite and knowledgeable. They have done an excellent job of turning our dreary tank into a sight to behold and we have fallen in love with it again, thank you!”
“Simon and his team do a great job looking after both of my aquariums at my home and in my office. Top notch, professional service.”
“I have used Simon for many years and his team are always on time and leave the tank sparkling. No fuss involved, they just get on with the job and you could not ask for more.”
“Aquatechniques did a one off clean on my aquarium, but after the amazing job they did, I have had the back on a monthly basis ever since – the tanks have never looked so good.”
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