Our Work

‘Off the shelf’ Planted Aquarium
‘In Wall’ Freshwater Cichlid Aquarium, Home
‘In Wall’ Planted Freshwater Community Aquarium, Home
Planted Freshwater Aquarium for Discus, Commercial
‘Off the Shelf’ Planted Aquarium, Residential
Piranha Aquarium, Commercial Office Space
Reef Saltwater Aquarium, Residential
Malawi Cichlid Aquarium, Hospital
Malawi Cichlid Aquarium, Hospital
Bespoke ‘In Wall’ Planted Freshwater Aquarium, Residential
Bespoke Freshwater Planted Aquarium for Discus, Residential
Bespoke Freshwater Planted Aquarium in Office, Commercial
Bespoke Reef Aquarium in a Cinema Room
Bespoke Reef Aquarium
Large Freestanding Reef Aquarium
Large In Wall Reef Aquarium
Large, Planted Aquarium
Large Saltwater Aquarium
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