Project Description

One of our more unusual hardscape aquariums, this is a tropical freshwater aquarium featuring a display of wood and pebbles, along with aeration to provide movement and interest to the tall tank.  This aquarium was installed after the house was constructed, and so had to be installed with the minimum of disruption to the client’s home life.  The aquarium is again visible from both sides and has a bespoke colour matched finish on one side, and a brushed stainless steel frame on the other.  Featuring a selection of Cichlids, the aquarium is maturing well, and will soon be full of a collection of different fish adding movement and interest for all who watch it.  LED lighting, which is regularly used on many of our installation creates sunrise and sunset, meaning the natural style of the aquarium is lit differently throughout the day.  The bespoke filtration system again had to be designed around the existing fabric of the building and needed to run invisibly under the

\display, so we ensured there was no visible equipment within the aquarium.  With our regular maintenance visits, we ensure this aquarium is an eye-catching feature from the moment you enter this lovely home.